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We believe that children and young people will make our world a better place because they will influence society with their ideas and thoughts. We believe that children and young people will develop an internal peace of mind avoiding social impositions and frustrations. We believe that for providing children and young people this peace of mind, we need to start breaking paradigms and disrupting stereotypes starting from the main education channels, home and school. To achieve this, it is essential to make parents and teachers aware of diversity of thinking and to educate them in the benefits that could be gained by incorporating this new way of thinking into their lives and in that of their children.

This program is focused on educating parents and teachers in diversity of thinking to be able to transfer it towards their children. Awareness is a program where we explore the pressure that social and familiar roles and the weight of social labels have in children. We show how unconscious biases and stereotypes limit our minds and go against the richness of diversity. We pursue that parents and teachers make aware of the importance of including each individual’s uniqueness, of letting their children live their own lives without any expectation, and of realizing the advantages of embracing diversity of thinking. We present techniques to be alert of our intuitive mind to manage correctly our way of thinking. If we raise our future generations into an environment surrounded by flexibility, respect, critical sense, and diversity of thinking, we will open in them a world full of options and opportunities, reduce feelings grown in frustration, fear or anxiety, and encourage a peaceful way of living.


CONNECT: Awareness’ Chapter focused on teenagers and teenagers’ parents to create a connection between them through diversity of thinking.

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