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Diversity of Thinking

Our thoughts make us unique. Our way of thinking depends on our experiences, culture, beliefs, values, and traits. Diversity of thought is what leads us to learn from the ideas and knowledge of others and to promote respect for each unique being.

Diversity of Thinking is a program which objective is to provide tools and techniques to attain a flexible mind and make way for new perspectives and thoughts. By adapting diversity of thinking within organizations and by including and valuing the uniqueness of each employee, organizations will encourage innovation, creative problem solution, and better decision making. We present techniques to be alert of our intuitive mind to manage correctly our way of thinking. We present the different types of diversity: (legacy, experiential and thought diversity), as well as the benefits of diversity of thinking.

This program highlights the main insights of other Smashing Minds’ workshops because each one is part of reaching the diversity of thinking in individuals, groups, and organizations.

Organizations should adopt diversity of thought to maximize employees’ potential, to make people feel valued and included, and to increase employees’ engagement, all these positively affecting organizations’ performance.

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