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Generation Shift

Today’s workforce is formed by different generations mainly Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials and soon Gen Z. Each generation has different values, beliefs, experiences, objectives and ways of working and thinking. Each generation is key for organizational success because each one has its own role, for example Baby Boomers’ role is to transfer their knowledge to younger generations, and Millennials’ role is to be prepared to turn into future leaders.

Generation Shift is a program which objectives are to align differences, equalities and objectives among generations and to allow individuals comprehend and empathize with each other. Individuals will have a thorough understanding of each generation and the sensibility of including any individual no matter his or her age. Organizations will be able to engage, retain, and motivate different members of each generation, enhance talent acquisition and attraction, and impulse each individual’s unique knowledge and experiences. This program is based on the core values to achieve this understanding which are respect, empathy, inclusion, and flexibility.

We go through defining each generation and their different ways of thinking and working. We show each generation’s beliefs and how those beliefs impact their behaviors. We make individuals aware of how each generation complement with one and other and of the importance to create bonding among them.

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