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Inclusive Leadership

An inclusive leadership is a basic competency that organizations are looking for, as it is closely related to a higher talent attraction and retention, to a better team performance and consequently to an increase in business results. Inclusive leaders encourage the unique talent of each person and stimulate the creation of diverse teams to challenge minds and to improve decision making. They take advantage of the contributions of each individual and look for the complement of thoughts and ideas.

Inclusive Leadership is a program focused in leaders. We provide and define the main tools, practices, and competencies needed to be an inclusive leader. We go through the benefits that may be reached by incorporating inclusive leadership within organizations leveraging from a diverse workforce and from different thoughts and perspectives.

We present the origin of differences from different perspectives such as gender, generation, social classes, races, ethnicity, sexual preferences, beliefs, traditions, among others, emphasizing that as each one of us thinks different, that is what it makes us unique.

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