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Women Advancing, Men Thriving

The gender gap is so wide that we will not get into parity but after several decades. The gap that it currently exists between men and women refers to several social aspects such as career advancement limitations, restriction to occupy traditional male or female jobs, economic and political participation, social roles and socially permitted behaviors fulfillment, among others.

Organizations must consider the benefits that may be gained by allowing women to occupy C-Level positions and seats on Boards. Men and women are needed for reaching business success. Organizations need to create an inclusive mindset to encourage the complement between men and women in order to thrive in their performance as decision making improves by the combination of different perspectives and skills.

The social roles and expectations assigned to women and men are a key factor that limits the prosperity of society.

Women Advancing, Men Thriving is a program which main objective is to make awareness of the complement, win-win relationship, and mutual success that men and women can achieve if they embrace an inclusive mindset. This program presents the main tools and practices that should be determined and followed so women continue advancing in their careers. We go through the role that men and women need to adopt in order to enhance gender equality. We provide the history of inequality, the different roles attributed by society and their repercussions, the best practices to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion, the impulse of women’s empowerment and the need to lessen competition between men and women. Men and women are key players in achieving equality by breaking the barriers and limits built from a stereotyped and prejudiced mind and by embracing diversity of thinking.


UNLOCKING________: Women Advancing, Men Thriving’s Chapter focused on building the foundation to be able to justify women’s empowerment, and on acquiring tools in order to enhance women’s career advancement and empowerment.

PERSONA: Women Advancing, Men Thriving’s Chapter focused on building the foundation to start a diversity awareness process, and on acquiring tools in order to enhance diversity at an individual, group and organizational level.

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