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Children and Youth

We want to break your paradigms, roles, stereotypes and prejudices to give you a world full of opportunities, a wide variety of options, and internal peace. We want you to develop your full potential, to promote respect of others, and complement yourself with others’ uniqueness.



We want you to be aware and teach your children the vision of a boundaryless world. We want that you open the access to your children to new possibilities and opportunities, no matter their sex. We want you to break the social mold created by others to avoid making your children fit in it. We want you to provide them with options and to give them the gift of independence. We want you to value their uniqueness and manifest their uniqueness to others. The only end of all these aspirations is to bring them internal peace and convert them into great and mindful leaders towards producing an impact in our world.



We want you to be aware of your key role in promoting diversity of thinking in each student, in enhancing their unique characteristics and skills, in exploding their potential, and in encouraging the complement of groups. These will help students develop a new vision of the world. When future generations form part of the workforce, this new way of thinking and of living will spread out in organizations, societies and consequently in the world.



We want to educate individuals within organizations in diversity of thinking to generate a culture where each individual is included and where employees’ contributions are valued. We want to create a culture that enhances the challenge of minds and encourages individual’s full potential. An organization based on diversity of thinking will be able to foster innovation and creativity and achieve better levels of profitability. Organizations incorporating diversity will increase their talent acquisition and retention because people will have a sense of belonging, will feel valued for who they are, and will be engaged.