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what we do?

Think differently

Smashing Minds is focused on educating individuals, organizations, and society in diversity of thinking through different programs. Diversity of thinking challenges individuals, society and organizations to disrupt old habits, routines and ways of thinking, towards developing an inclusive mindset and contemplating different perspectives.
Our purpose is to reach every individual and every organization to conduct a major change within society. We believe that children and young people must be part of this movement as they will be our future leaders and key to reach a diverse and inclusive world.

We are a group of thinkers who bounce ideas and thoughts on issues that affect society to provide different solutions and perspectives and use them to raise awareness in others =

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Thought Diversity Education

Smashing Minds believes

We believe in the value of diversity and in the complement of each other’s minds and experiences.
We believe that by incorporating diversity of thinking in our lives, we will be able to break up stereotypes, remove prejudices, adapt to different perspectives, have access to new opportunities, avoid anxiety and frustrations, and strengthen our internal peace. These transformed individuals will consequently affect World’s prosperity and peace.

We believe that by making people aware of the importance of including each individual’s uniqueness and of embracing each individuals’ unique characteristics, it will maximize each person’s potential affecting positively organizations and society.

Smashing Minds values

Diversity, inclusion, respect, flexibility, equality and prosperity.